Man detained for causing public nuisance

Izah Azahari

A 24-year-old man suspected of having caused a ruckus at a mosque around dawn was detained by the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) yesterday.

Several people at the mosque saw the unidentified man acting aggressively and making noises before the dawn prayer. The incident also resulted in damages to several items at the mosque.

The suspect was later caught and detained by Berakas Police Station personnel for an investigation.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspect had a history of mental illness and was easily distracted by hearing noises.

However, there is a provision under Section 295 of the Criminal Penal Code Chapter 22 that provides for a five-year sentence and a fine on offenders who commit crimes that destroy or pollute places of worship with intent to defame any religion. The RBPF reminded the public that a crime in any place of worship is a serious offence and will be dealt with seriously.