Man catches record-breaking 7-foot shark

NDTV – A fisherman is celebrating after catching a record-breaking seven-foot shark off the coast of Devon in the United Kingdom (UK). According to Daily Mail, the shark measured almost seven feet long and had a girth of six feet, which makes it the biggest catch ever in British waters.

Simon Davidson said he wrestled with the porbeagle shark for an hour before he was able to reel it in. The big game fisherman, from Northamptonshire, said his body was “battered” after the ordeal, but described it as the “most mind-blowing capture” of his life in a Facebook post.

“I managed to catch a 249-kilogramme porbeagle shark. It’s totally blown me away, my body is battered, but I am ecstatic,” Davidson wrote on Facebook, calling it the catch of a lifetime.

Davidson and six other fishermen worked for over an hour to reel the ‘monster’ shark into their boat.

Speaking about his record-breaking catch, the fisherman said, “My bait got taken and I didn’t think it was a big fish because it hadn’t started to fight yet.

“Then I reeled it into the side of the boat and it was a real monster.

“Suddenly it took off through the water and pulled around 600 metres of my line and it was a brutal battle to pull it back in. It was an hour of agony. You get to the point where your legs and arms are shaking and you just think your body is going to give up.” Davidson added that it was “terrifying” to think sharks this big were prowling the water. The shark is estimated to have weighed around 249 kilogramme. It was released back into water after being measured.

The shark measured almost seven feet long. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/ SIMON DAVIDSON