Malaysia’s natural rubber export falls 6pc in August

KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA) – Export of natural rubber (NR) in Malaysia fell six per cent to 42,658 tonnes in August from the 45,386 tonnes in July, with China being the largest export destination, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).

The main natural rubber export destination is China with a share of 46.8 per cent from total exports in August followed by Germany (10.1 per cent), Finland (4.3 per cent), Iran (three per cent) and Turkey (2.4 per cent), Chief Statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said in a statement yesterday.

He said rubber gloves was the main export item with an export value of MYR3 billion in August. However, the export value decreased by 5.2 per cent compared to MYR3.2 billion in July.

NR production increased 6.6 per cent in August 2020 to 44,543 tonnes compared to 41,801 tonnes in the previous month, while comparing with the same month a year ago, it recorded a decrease of 22.7 per cent.

NR stocks showed a declining trend since May and it declined further in August by 0.7 per cent to 233,537 tonnes compared to 235,156 tonnes in July.

DOSM also reported that the domestic consumption of NR in August was 46,745 tonnes, a decrease of 0.6 per cent compared to the previous month.

The rubber glove industry dominates the use of natural rubber with 35,542 tonnes, or 76 per cent, of total domestic consumption.