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Malaysian man allegedly chops up mum over inheritance

ANN/THE STAR – A fight over inheritance is believed to have driven a Malaysian man to kill his mother before cutting her up into 15 pieces and disposing of the parts in a sewage tank behind their house in Perak.

Police made the gruesome find after a neighbour complained about a stench coming from the single-storey house in a housing estate near Parit Buntar town on Saturday evening.

The 42-year-old man was arrested over the murder of his 68-year-old mother.

The suspect suffers from a mental disorder, Perak Police Chief Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said.

Following the neighbour’s complaint of a foul smell, the police went to search their home, Datuk Mior added. “We found wooden planks covering the sewage tank behind the house. A forensics team later discovered the body parts, and the suspect was arrested immediately,” he told reporters on Sunday.

The house in Perak where a 68-year-old woman was murdered and cut up into 15 parts. PHOTO: ANN/THE STAR

Mior said the victim’s daughter, who lives elsewhere, lodged a police report on May 28 after failing to locate her mother.

“She calls her mother daily but on that day, her brother (the suspect) answered the call and told her that their mother had gone out and had yet to return home,” he said.

Based on the missing persons report, the police went to the house to investigate and question the son on May 28. “Both mother and son collect used items and recyclables, and the house was really messy and smelly,” the police chief said. When the police were there on Saturday, they found two knives and a machete, believed to be the murder weapons.

“The suspect had hit his mother over her head with a weapon before she collapsed. After that, he chopped her into 15 pieces,” he added.

According to initial investigations, the man was driven to do so because of dissatisfaction with the division of inheritance left by his late father, he said. Since the father died, the suspect had been living with his mother for 12 years.

The case has been classified under Section 302 of the Penal Code as murder.

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