Malaysian govt to propose stricter SOP involving child marriages

KUANTAN (Bernama) – The Malaysian government will propose for stricter standard operating procedure (SOP) involving child marriages and the cases will be heard before Syariah High Court judges.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Fuziah Salleh said this was because the high court judges were more experienced and trained, apart from ensuring more strict procedures were implemented.

Currently applications for child marriages are heard before Syariah Lower Court judges.

“They need to go through psychological tests, their parents will be interviewed and there is also a need to look at the mental and physical condition of the child as those who are too young will not be able to shoulder the responsibility.

“It will also require doctor’s medical report and so on and this strict SOP aims at protecting the well-being of these children,” she said at the Kuantan women’s appreciation ceremony on Saturday.