Malaysian critic slammed for 60 kg fashion show comment

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – A Malaysian fashion critic sparked uproar yesterday after saying people weighing over 60 kilogrammes should not attend fashion shows as other guests would find it uncomfortable to sit next to their supposedly bulky bodies.

“If you weigh more than 60kg please don’t attend fashion events,” Zaihani Mohamad Zain, a regular fixture at catwalk shows in Malaysia and a celebrity stylist, posted on Facebook at the weekend. “Your huge thighs will take up so much room, making people sitting beside you uncomfortable.”

Critics and designers lined up to lambast her for the remarks, which run counter to growing acceptance of plus-size women in the fashion industry and a gradual pushback against unhealthily slim models.

Leading Malaysian designer Calvin Thoo asked in a social media post, “What right does one have to criticise plus size people and telling them not to attend fashion shows??

“I dare her to walk up to an oversize person and tell it to their face that they are fat and should not attend shows.”