Malaysia ‘sugar daddy’ website boss charged after outcry

SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA (AFP) – The head of a controversial Malaysian “sugar daddy” dating website was charged yesterday with causing public alarm after his claims that university students were using the service sparked an outcry.

Sugarbook bills itself as a site “where romance meets finance” and aims to link up older men with younger women, with the men expected to provide financial support for their companions.

But it sparked an uproar after releasing statistics purportedly showing thousands of students were using it to make money in the socially conservative country.

IT entrepreneur Chan Eu Boon pleaded not guilty after the charge was read out to him before Magistrate Sabreena Bakar @ Bahari. AFP

The site’s founder Chan Eu Boon was charged in court in Shah Alam, outside Kuala Lumpur, with one count of making statements that could cause public fear or alarm through a post related to students, so-called “sugar babies”.

The 34-year-old pleaded not guilty, with his lawyer saying the site had been blocked by Malaysian regulators, meaning the negative effects of his claims about students had been “minimised already”.