Malaysia-Indonesia police share intelligence in war against drug smugglers

JAKARTA (Bernama) – The Malaysian and Indonesian police have decided to join forces in combatting drug smuggling syndicates in the region.

The Indonesian National Police’s Narcotics Division Deputy Head Krisno Siregar said a team of Malaysian policemen led by Bukit Aman CID Narcotics (Intelligence/Operations) Assistant Director SAC Abdul Rahim Dolmat, was currently in Jakarta, specifically to discuss and take specific approaches and actions to tackle the matter.

This follows a series of incidents of late involving drugs smuggled from Malaysia to Indonesia.

In a recent case, six Malaysians were detained on suspicion of smuggling drugs via a luxury yacht.

The Indonesian police found 37kg of syabu aboard the ‘Carron Layner’, which had docked at the Sunda Kelapa Pier in North Jakarta at 9.30pm on June 4.

“Through this meeting, we will also discuss cooperation with the police in 11 regions in Indonesia, focussing on marine and land border control, and intelligence sharing,” he said.

Abdul Rahim also said the Malaysian and Indonesian police were aware that the drugs smuggled into Indonesia, did not originate from Malaysia.

“The drugs are believed to be sourced from Myanmar and other countries, and (the drug syndicates) use Malaysia as a transit point, before smuggling them into Indonesia,” he added.