Malaysia calls for restraint after US-led air strike on Syria

KUALA LUMPUR (Xinhua) – Malaysia said yesterday that it was deeply concerned over the joint air strikes on Syria carried out by the United States, France and Britain, calling on all parties to demonstrate restraint and avoid any actions that could escalate the conflict further.

Malaysia believes that no military solution can bring an end to the conflict in Syria, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement, urging all parties involved to find a political solution through dialogue and negotiations.

  The Southeast Asian nation also condemned the use of chemical weapons, saying “these weapons is abhorrent and an unacceptable violation of international law.”

Calling for holding those responsible to account, it said “Malaysia joins the United Nations Secretary General in expressing our disappointment” at the failure of the UN Security Council to agree on a dedicated mechanism for handling the chemical weapons issue.

The UN Security Council must unite to exercise their responsibility to end the bloodshed as well as to bring about peace and security to Syria, it said.