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Making suitable lighting fixtures for your room

Tasfia Ahmed

ANN/ THE DAILY STAR – Lighting often becomes an afterthought when we embark on room makeover projects. It has the tendency to be glossed over even though it holds the capacity to be both harmonising and transformative.

Here are lighting trends to get behind to elevate or revamp any room.


Rose gold has given way to brass in the world of interior design, and this is especially noticeable with lighting.

Brass has made its presence felt in the lighting world, with brass sconce and lamp shades rising in popularity.

Lamp shades and pendants crafted almost entirely of brass make great additions to rooms aspiring to incorporate more of an art-deco or industrial feel to it. Marble or wood bodied lamps with copper embellishments are a subtle alternative to full brass pieces.


Natural materials such as bamboo, wicker and rattan have become a desired option for both lighting and furnishing.

Dramatically sized rattan fixtures can add a beachy element to living rooms, making them appear more coastal and bohemian.

Less theatrical variations of this include rattan string lights or wicker floor lamps, which can make bedrooms feel more grounded and homely.


With people spending more time indoors due to the ongoing pandemic, colourful bold lighting which has become more commonplace. When you stay in for too long, muted and uniform colour schemes can start to feel suffocating. Lighting fixtures and wall sconces with brightly painted finishes are a good way to add a burst of colour. Additionally, you can place smaller lamps adorned with patterned fabric shades throughout your room.

Be it a blue seashell pattern or muted florals, patterned fabric shades are a unique way to sprinkle in colour.


Sometimes a room just requires lighting which takes the backseat, and empire lamp shades are the perfect example of this. Empire shades go with almost every decor style, which helps it hold onto its staple label. If you want your lighting to appear grand-millennial, try pleated cream empire shades. For a glam twist to the classic lamp shade, go all black.


With a decline in the need of interior decor to be meticulously orchestrated and uniform, nostalgia inducing lighting is slowly picking up traction. Although lava lamps were once constrained to a teen’s wish list, they are more adored by older age groups at present. If your room feels like it could use a boost of personality, lava lamps are your go-to.

If you want a mature variation of lighting which still adds the novelty element, you can try blown glass pendants or fixtures in colourful shades. While they are better suited for living rooms and dining rooms, they make for safer options.

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