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Making neutral tones work

Scott Gabriel Morri

ANN/THE STAR – Want to create a timeless colour story, but don’t know where to start?

A neutral colour palette will not only create a foundation from which you can build any colour palette, but it’s timeless as well.

Neutral colours come in all shapes and sizes, from tints, tones and shades of white to greys, browns and even black.

Pairing certain neutrals together can provide the perfect blend for those looking for a calm, soothing environment.

Here are some top tips:

– Look to incorporate large pieces that are solid as opposed to patterned. This provides for the most amount of versatility.

– Infuse grey and cool tones in spaces that have an abundance of light and where you desire to cool down.

– Blend soft neutrals together such as tan, grey and muted pastels.

– Incorporate tans and brown tones in spaces you wish to feel warm and cozy in.

– Use neutrals as a springboard to either a predominately neutral colour palette or one in which you wish to infuse pops of colour.

– Blend metallics and florals into your neutral colour palette.

– Use rugs and artwork as an opportunity to bring in neutrals on a large scale.

– Consider tactile materials as a way of softening a space.

– Create a sense of contrast by pairing light neutrals such as taupe and grey with dark neutrals such as brown and black.

– Consider pastels and pastel tones as a way to blend soft colour into a neutral colour palette.

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