Making an impact despite COVID-19 restrictions

James Kon

Deloitte, across its global network, annually dedicates a day to Impact Day, during which activities are carried out to make an impact in the communities it serves.

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Deloitte practices in Southeast Asia held an Impact Month in October instead, to give its people more time to give back to the communities.

Deloitte Brunei held a series of events that saw its management and staff gathering to make a positive mark on society.

This year’s theme aligns with the larger Deloitte World Class ambition to prepare 50 million futures for a world of opportunity through the sharing of skills and knowledge, to empower the less privileged to succeed by 2030.

Four key events were conducted, in partnership with several local organisations, for beneficiary groups in the community, ranging from students, jobseekers, health workers and various non-government organisations (NGOs).

Over 150 individuals attended the events, while over 200 individuals benefitted indirectly through viewing and liking related social media posts.

An overview of the mental health workshop. PHOTO: DELOITTE

The events included a healthy eating workshop hosted by an advocate and attended by culinary students from a local private institution and Deloitte staff. Attendees were educated on the benefits of a macrobiotic diet, veganism and the link between health and the environment.

The next event was a physical wellness class, attended by health workers, to raise awareness on the importance of making time to care for one’s physical wellness amidst hectic schedules and other daily stresses.

Deloitte management and staff, with various local NGOs and support groups, also attended a mental health workshop that focussed on the stigma around mental health and the importance of paying attention to one’s mental well-being in a bid to become a productive member of society.

Finally, a virtual youth employability Workshop was attended by students and jobseekers.

The workshop sought to assist in the development of critical CV writing and interview skills, to improve the future job prospects of young Bruneians.

Deloitte also held a charity donation drive for a local NGO, during which the Deloitte people were encouraged to donate pre-loved items such as clothing, toys, books, kitchenware, bags, glassware and other miscellaneous items in good condition to support individuals with special needs.

At the end of the month, Deloitte Brunei donated over 25 boxes of items, as a result of contributions from its people, clients and business partners.