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Make it a crime to litter

Every time I come across a news article on litterbugs being fined for illegal dumping, I’m surprised that it is still an issue. Is the penalty not heavy enough to deter them? Take for example construction sites. Are labourers not aware that illegal dumping is a violation? Or does the fault lie in the management for not taking municipal law seriously?

It is sad to see that littering is still rampant in the country. Despite the efforts of various authorities in beautifying public areas, all it takes is one festival or national celebration to wake up the litterbugs in certain members of the public. Civil-minded citizens have gone as far as to openly shame such a bad behaviour by posting the aftermath of a public event but to no avail.

One way to address the problem is perhaps imposing a heftier fine, a fine so heavy that it makes would-be offenders think twice before treating public areas as dumping grounds.

Or better yet, sentence them to a few months in jail to drive home the message that littering is not just an ordinance violation but a crime.

Clean Living Dreamer

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