Make a difference in fight against pollution

AS CITIZENS of the world, we should be concerned about the path that we are taking towards climate change.

Perhaps some people are unaware of the direct consequences that have been caused by climate change.

For example, have you noticed how hot and dry the weather has been recently?

Another issue that is related to climate change is pollution, specifically the pollution of plastic.

Every year, about eight million tonnes of plastic waste is scrapped into the ocean, and toxic microplastics end up in your seafood.

Perhaps, some of you think that it’s impossible to make an impact, but that is where you are wrong.

You can make a difference by consistently doing the little things.

“Can I do without this?” is a question we should constantly be asking ourselves.

Do you really need that plastic straw or could you buy a metal one?

A metal straw would save 540 plastic straws. When you use a single-use plastic cup for about 15 minutes then throw it away, think about the time and resources it took to make that cup.

Imagine the oil being extracted from the ground to produce those plastics.

After you use the cup, imagine the landfill sight it will be dumped into.

The plastic cup will sit there forever, it will not decompose.

Everyone should be conscious of the damaging effects of climate change and pollution.

Don’t think one person doesn’t make a difference – you can make a difference!

– Alania Tambrin