Major campaign necessary to discourage people from vaping

I read with interest your report headlined ‘US vaping illness count jumps to 805, deaths rise to 13’ in the Weekend Bulletin on September 28.

This report should be an eye opener to all people in Brunei as well. I see most of the Bruneians are very much addicted to this. I have some friends who whenever they visit me, after a while will rush to the balcony of my house. Earlier I used to assume they were going out to enjoy the view from the balcony. But sadly the reality was that they went out to vape.

Seeing my friends, I believe once you begin vaping it is very difficult to give up. It is an addiction. When reading the report it is shocking to realise that the number of people who have become ill due to vaping is 805. Have we done a study in Brunei to find out how many people have fallen ill due to vaping? I am sure if a study is done, the number will be quite high. I think a major campaign is necessary to discourage people from vaping.

Another bad habit I have seen is people vaping inside vehicles with others beside them including children. This is passive smoking. The children seeing elders doing this, once they grow up will follow their footsteps.

When I ask my friends why they vape, they say it is because they are stressed.

This is a mere excuse. Vaping is not a stress buster. There are better things to do when a person is stressed. Examples are mild exercises, listening to soothing music or reading.

I hope people who read the article will inform their family members, friends and colleagues about the dangers of vaping.

I think it is time to put a full stop to vaping.

Concerned Reader

The writer believes that a major campaign is necessary to discourage people from vaping