Maisie Williams wants to talk about Game of Thrones end

MAISIE Williams is looking forward to being able to talk about the end of Game of Thrones.

The 21-year-old actress has played teenage assassin Arya Stark since the fantasy drama series began and, with just a month before the final episodes air, she can’t wait to lose the secrecy surrounding the show and get people’s reactions.

She said, “It’s going to be a relief to be able to speculate once its all done and I can talk to people about the ending and what they all thought.”

Maisie is very “proud” of the final season of the show and though she couldn’t say too much, she’s just “happy” to have made it to the final set of episodes after so many of her co-stars’ characters have been killed off over the years.

She told the Manchester Evening News newspaper, “It’s going to be sad when it’s gone. I’m so proud of this final season but all good things must come to an end… I’m just happy to be in 801 (season eight episode one)… “I’m happy that I made it!”

The British star admires her alter ego’s loyalty and “dedication” but thinks they could also be her downfall.

She said, “Arya would say she was loyal and dedicated.”

Asked about her character’s bad points, she added, “Probably that she’s maybe too dedicated to the point of being kind of insane. Once she gets on a mission she literally will not stop until she dies.” – BANG!