Maintain manners, etiquettes during festivities

Azlan Othman

Hari Raya is a day of joy where ties are strengthened, Imams said on Friday.

“One of the practices and traditions in the country during Hari Raya is visiting relatives, neighbours and friends.”

Visiting is a practice that is recommended in Islam and it should be preserved and enlivened because it brings benefits and advantages.

The imams also said, “Based on the verses of Al-Quran, among the manners or etiquettes of visiting are to greet and seek permission before entering the house. Visitors should also knock on the door or ring the doorbell so hosts are made aware. You should introduce yourself before entering the house.

“Visitors are also recommended to ask permission three times. Visitors should find a suitable time and avoid visiting during prayer times, especially Maghrib prayer as the time is shorter. Choosing a suitable time will allow homeowners to accept visitors comfortably.”

The imams added, “In our country, Hari Raya celebrations are commonly held in various forms such, as open houses. The practice is virtuous as it can strengthen relationships. However, having an open house is not an obligation. It may be held according to one’s ability.

“What is important is that Hari Raya Aidilfitri should be celebrated according to Islamic teachings. It should be reminded that our daily activities should be carried out ethically, whether we are gathering during Hari Raya, or shopping in public places.

“We should also adhere to regulations that have been set. Let us not ignore the precautionary measures.”

The imams also said, “Let us keep the sanctity of Aidilfitri by maintaining manners and behaviours in celebrating this glorious Hari Raya. Let us not mix our virtuous practice with forbidden actions. We pray that this Aidilfitri will strengthen the relationship between us.”