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Maid imprisoned for filming naked elderly man in shower

SINGAPORE (CNA) – A domestic helper in charge of caring for an elderly man who suffered from medical conditions, including very poor vision, filmed him on several occasions naked in the shower.

She then sent a clip, showing the man’s private parts, to someone on WhatsApp, and posted another clip that did not expose his genitalia on TikTok.

The 33-year-old Indonesian maid, whose name was redacted from court documents, was sentenced to 17 months’ jail yesterday.

She pleaded guilty to four charges that include intentionally recording a person doing a private act without their consent, intentionally distributing an intimate recording without the victim’s consent and intentionally recording a victim’s genitals without the victim’s consent.

Another nine charges were taken into consideration. There is a gag order in force preventing the publication of anything that could identify the victim or the location of the offences.

The court heard that the maid began working for the 74-year-old victim’s family on February 1, 2020. She was tasked with caring for the victim, assisting him with daily tasks like showering and brushing his teeth, and with household chores.

The victim was diagnosed with multiple brain abscesses and related brain condition. Further examinations at the Singapore National Eye Centre revealed that he has very poor vision in both eyes.

The prognosis was deemed poor, with very little hope of recovery, and the victim needs long-term follow-ups for glaucoma control.

The victim’s son lodged a police report in January last year, saying the maid uploaded a video of her showering the victim on TikTok.

The maid’s phone was seized, and videos found in her phone showed her showering the victim.

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