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Macron maintains rude remarks about France’s unvaccinated

PARIS (AP) – French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday maintained his rude remarks about the country’s minority of vaccine refusers, saying he cannot accept them infringing on others’ freedom.

The 44-year-old outspoken president, who is expected to seek re-election later this year, made headlines earlier this week by using the word “emmerder” – meaning to rile or to bug.

He was talking about his strategy for pressuring vaccine refusers to get coronavirus jabs. His vulgar language dominated news broadcasts and provoked angry reactions from his political rivals.

Speaking in a news conference in Paris, Macron acknowledged the term may have upset some, but said he takes full responsibility for it.

“When some make from their freedom… a motto, not only do they put others’ lives at risk, but they are also curtailing others’ freedom. That I cannot accept,” he said in reference to unvaccinated people. “When you are a citizen you must agree to do your civic duty.”


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