Mabohai monkeys offer a peek into nature

I would like to respond to a letter, ‘Better solutions than to displace wildlife’, published in the Opinion page of the Bulletin on November 27. What the writer wrote about the monkeys being removed in Mabohai broke my heart.

As a Bruneian, these monkeys have been what make our country unique. When a foreign friend came to visit, the first thing I did was to bring him to see these beautiful creatures and their interaction with each other in their natural habitat. It remains his best memory of Brunei because the only other time he saw a monkey up close was a visit to the zoo.

What Mabohai offers is a glimpse into these monkeys as a colony. No zoo can ever replicate that. And to think that there are people who would complain about the monkeys goes to show how little respect they have for the natural environment.

I agree with the writer that there are other ways to keep the monkeys from being nuisance.

And removing them from their home is definitely not one of them. I hope the authorities can heed our call and device a better way of dealing with the issue without resorting to such an extreme measure of essentially uprooting them from the only home they have ever known.

Green Driver