Lying on unexploded shell ‘ill-advised’, Dutchman told

THE HAGUE (AFP) – Lying down on top of an unexploded World War II shell is “strictly ill-advised”, officials on Thursday told a Dutchman who found one in his garden.

The man, from Venlo, in the south of country, spent three and a half hours lying over the device when it started whistling after he discovered it Wednesday evening.

Even after the whistling stopped he did not dare move, but used his mobile phone to call emergency services, security services spokeswoman Veronique Klaassen told AFP.

They called in a defence ministry bomb disposal service (EOD) team.

“The EOD team must have come some distance, as they arrived around 1am to free the man from his delicate position,” said Klaassen.

Neighbouring buildings were evacuated as a precaution but the device proved to be harmless. The man was treated for hypothermia symptoms after his hours lying in the freezing winter cold, said Klaassen.