Lucky draw winners walk off with electronics

James Kon

A total of shortlisted 20 lucky individuals received fabulous prizes for the second giveaway event for the ‘Toyota Mega 21 Test Drive Spree” yesterday held at Toyota Bunut showroom.

The prizes for Week 4 to Week 7 winners were presented during the ceremony.

Siti Nur Nazifah binti Haji Superi won a new Nintendo Switch as the top prize winner for Week 4. Meanwhile Asiah Saiyidah binti Md Asri took home a brand new Poco Phone as the top prize winner for Week 5.

Afif Ismail won a new Apple Earbuds as top prize winner for Week 6 and Siti Nurfarrah A Aina Binti Muhammad Amirul Husni went home tithe Mii TV as the top prize winner for Week 7. Another 16 participants went home with 30 shopping vouchers as consolation prizes

The Test Drive Spree campaign is currently ongoing until June 16.

To be eligible for the draw, members of the public only need to test drive any Toyota cars during the campaign.

Winners of the lucky draw. PHOTO: JAMES KON