LTS programme propels swimming interests

Lyna Mohamad

As part of the Day of Action (DOA) 2020 in conjunction with the International Volunteer Day celebration in the Belait District, the Learn To Swim (LTS) programme was held at the Mumong Sports Complex Swimming Pool yesterday.

Permanent Secretary (Administration, Finance and Estate) at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal bin Pengiran Haji Mahmud said the Mumong Sports Complex helps encourage Belait District residents, especially the younger generation, to take up swimming interests.

“The Mumong Sports Complex is one of the facilities under JBS (Youth and Sports Department) and it is for the community. We encourage people to use this facility although the capacity is limited,” he told the Bulletin.

He praised the LTS programme as a good start and hopes it will enable people to have interest in swimming.

“We are encouraging more users from time to time, and we are also exploring more facilities to offer to the public.”

Permanent Secretary (Administration, Finance and Estate) at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal bin Pengiran Haji Mahmud at the event. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM
Swimmers dive in during the event

Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal also witnessed a mini competition – 25m butterfly, 25m breaststroke and 25m freestyle – between KBPIRANHA and Life Skill Swim School (LSSS) members.

Responding to suggestions of holding the LTS programme as a regular activity at the complex, the permanent secretary said they will look into the demand before deciding whether to hold the LTS programme monthly or differently.

“I think the demand will be much higher during public holidays. It is something that we can explore. If there is a need to have it during public or school holidays, we can arrange for it. But it also depends on the associations or clubs involved,” he said.

During the two-hour programme, the public was allowed complimentary entry to the complex with free swimming lessons for all ages.

The programme was organised by the Kuala Belait Swimming Team, coordinated by KBPHIRANA and LSSS in collaboration with the Mumong Sports Complex. Its main objective is to raise awareness on the importance of swimming.

LTS Chief Coordinator Ali bin Haji Ibrahim, who is also a full-time coach and founder of KBPIRANHA, said the programme covers all principles of movement in water including aquatic safety, survival and rescue skills, diving skills, water familiarisation, buoyancy and mobility, and efficient stroke development.

“Through the implementation of this programme, it will expose participants to the rules and regulations at swimming pools. They will also understand that swimming is a very important sport and is also one of the programmes required for fitness test at most organisations.

“At the same time, it is the best sport for fitness and health as it involves all bodily movements, which leads to a healthier body,” he said.

As the chief coordinator, Ali hopes for more similar activities in the future to raise awareness on importance of swimming and encourage learning how to swim at a young age.