Loyalty pays off for grand prize winner

Izah Azahari

It was a dream come true for Sujiman bin Mejari, the winner of the Win a Car campaign and a brand-new Toyota Cross SUV, during Progresif Sdn Bhd’s roadshow at the OneCity Shopping Centre yesterday.

Progresif CEO Hajah Nurul Haniah binti Haji Md Jaafar presented the prize in the presence of NBT Senior General Manager Leong Cheng Soon.

Speaking to the Bulletin, Sujiman, 42, said, “I got the One Plan last year, but I’ve been a customer ever since Progresif was still B-Mobile. I feel that Progresif is a reliable network, improving along the way.

“This is the first time I’ve won in a grand draw, and this will be my first Toyota. Stay with Progresif,” he beamed.

The campaign, which ran from September 18 to December 31, 2020, was money well spent on Progresif top-up, add-on and starter packs for the other 19 customers who walked away with brand-new smartphones.

Sujiman bin Mejari yesterday picked up the keys to a brand new Toyota Cross SUV as the grand prize winner of the Win a Car campaign held as part of Progresif Sdn Bhd’s roadshow. Photo shows Sujiman with Progresif CEO Hajah Nurul Haniah binti Haji Md Jaafar and NBT Senior General Manager Leong Cheng Soon.
Progresif CEO Hajah Nurul Haniah binti Haji Md Jaafar and NBT Senior General Manager Leong Cheng Soon (above) look on as participants look for their numbers (below). PHOTOS: IZAH AZAHARI & PROGRESIF SDN BHD

After much anticipation since the campaign ended, the 20 shortlisted finalists made their way to OneCity Shopping Centre for the grand draw, which took place during Progresif’s big Enter the Progresif-verse promotional roadshow.

Crowds of shoppers and Progresif subscribers showed up to share in the excitement of the carnival-like atmosphere, as the company’s sales ‘Street Teams’ promoted both the established and newly-released plans, products and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Among the exciting new products announced is the Unlimited Home Broadband plans, offering speeds of up to 200Mbps, a bandwidth that most in Brunei have never before experienced.

Advertised as a day of “games, giveaways, prizes, promotions”, the Progresif roadshow packed a huge dose of fun, alongside the unveiling of a roadmap to bring consumers better value for money, where communication and connectivity is concerned; a CSR campaign that strives to give thousands of Brunei students high-speed broadband connections in local schools; and a plan to broaden the positive impact of Progresif Media on the local creative industry.

Chief Corporate Strategy Officer Johan bin Dato Dr Haji Johar said, “Progresif is excited to build on the momentum from the end of 2020, giving Bruneians better value on mobile and home broadband and making a positive social impact through CSR campaigns such as the ‘Progresif for Schools’ in partner-ship with the Ministry of Education (MoE).

“We have seen from the overwhelming success of our Win a Car campaign that Brunei is happy to support a brand that relentlessly pursues progress; progress in terms of giving the public more affordable and convenient ways to connect with each other and the world. Progresif is a company that is not afraid to prioritise giving back to the community through support of key sectors like education, arts and culture, entrepreneurship and the environment,” he said.