Low pressure, yellow water issues persisting in residential area

I would like to applaud the authorities for taking our plight regarding the discoloured water issue seriously by addressing it on the Bulletin on July 23. I appreciate the work that has been put into resolving the situation.

However, my area in Rimba is still experiencing ‘yellow water’, and it’s having an adverse health effect on my family. As a new father, my concern revolves around my loved ones. Some have been suffering from diarrhoea. Even through the filter, the water remains discoloured.

Same goes for water pressure. For years, my neighbourhood has been dealing with low water pressure between 10pm and 2am.

Numerous residents have contacted the authorities to raise the issue but so far, the pattern has persisted.

I urge the authorities to look into the matters and address the water pressure and discolouration issues as soon as possible.

Young Dad