Louis Koo, Tony Leung Ka-fai face-off in new film ‘Once Upon A Time In Hong Kong’

THE STAR – There is Once Upon A Time In Hollywood as well as Once Upon A Time In China.

Now comes Once Upon A Time In Hong Kong… but, all three films are unrelated to one another.

This latest title stars Louis Koo, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Francis Ng, Lam Ka Tung and Gordon Lam.

An action drama, the film takes place in the early 1970s Hong Kong.

It is a time when corruption is out of control, thanks to the police working with gangsters, creating an unfair justice system that runs on bribery.

Lawyer Hank Chan (Louis Koo) believes this has deprived the public from a fair outcome, and sets about changing things by joining the anti-corruption team. Of course, it’s not an easy path.

A scene from the movie. PHOTO: LOTUS FIVE STAR