Lost engagement ring found six months later

UPI – A shiny object a man spotted in the snow near his car in the parking lot of a Saskatchewan mall turned out to be a woman’s engagement ring that had been lost for six months.

Steven Zoerb said he went back to his car outside the South Hill Mall in Prince Albert because he forgot his mask.

“When I went to open the door of my car, out of the corner of my eye I caught this sort of sparkle,” Zoerb told paNOW.

The object turned out to be a diamond ring, and Zoerb posted photos of the item on Facebook in the hopes of attracting the owner’s attention.

The post was shared by a friend of Alison Cameron, who immediately recognised it as her ring.

Cameron said she had lost track of the ring, which she received upon her engagement in 2013, about six months earlier, and two months after that she scoured her house for the missing object and determined it had been lost.

Cameron and her husband drove from Muskoday and confirmed it was indeed her missing ring. She said she does not know how it ended up in the parking lot, but she attends First Nations University in Prince Albert and often travels around the city.

“I think in light of this pandemic, it really shows the true nature of humanity. I’m so grateful for Steven,” she said. “It really gives people something to believe in.”