Los Angeles agrees to re-open schools in April

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles children could return to their classrooms next month, almost a year after the coronavirus pandemic forced learning online across the United States (US).

The second-largest school district in the country has lagged behind others in the effort to get students back on campus, after a prolonged battle that struggled to balance safety concerns with educational needs.

Under a re-opening roadmap agreed between the district and a teachers’ union, pre-schools and elementary schools would be the first to resume in-person lessons in mid-April.

Secondary schools would follow by the end of the month.

The agreement is contingent on vaccinations for school staff and on restrictions being eased throughout Los Angeles County. It also still needs to be approved by the school board and the membership of the United Teachers Los Angeles union.

A student attends an online class at the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood in Los Angeles. PHOTO: AP