Loose goat captured after wandering Minnesota city for days

UPI – Police in Minnesota said they are trying to find the owner of a large goat that spent several days wandering around a city.

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office said the goat was seen wandering around Andover for a “few days”, including multiple sightings in residential areas.

“Hobbies appear to be spring walks, gardening and grilling,” the sheriff’s office tweeted.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said deputies ran into a hurdle when attempting to capture the goat. “The goat is too large to fit into a squad vehicle, so we are unable to transport it to animal control,” said Community Relations Coordinator Tierney Peters for the sheriff’s office. A later tweet revealed deputies managed to get wanderer to animal control, according to Bring Me the News.

The sheriff’s office said in a follow-up tweet that it brought the goat to animal control, where it would remain until the owner is found.

The goat was seen wandering around Andover for a few days. PHOTO: TWITTER/ ANOKA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE