Loopholes in contact tracing app

Following the news of people violating quarantine order after receiving the red code on their BruHealth app, there were comments circulating on the Internet calling for the authorities to fine them BND5,000 and send them to prison.

My immediate thought was: What if these people were already faced with serious financial problems?

Then, there have been people who receive the red code when they are not even sharing the same roof as the infected; merely a case of them not having updated their addresses on the app, resulting in unsuspecting family members being ordered to quarantine. How about those that they do share the same living quarters with? While the authorities try to find the source of infection, the infected continues to infect those around him or her.

While BruHealth app aids the country in contact tracing, there are loopholes being exploited by certain individuals that cannot be ignored.

Concerned Citizen