London police arrest 39 for attempted murder after stabbing

LONDON (AP) — British police said 39 people were arrested yesterday on suspicion of attempted murder following a stabbing in west London.

Police said the unusual mass arrest was necessary because the suspects refused to cooperate with police following the stabbing.

London police said they were summoned to an address in the Hammersmith neighbourhood of west London shortly before 1am yesterday and found a man in his mid-30s suffering from stab wounds.

The force said “the victim had been chased by a number of male and female suspects following an altercation in a shop”.

The suspects then entered a nearby residence where a party was taking place, police said.

They were arrested after officers sent to the residence could not get anyone to answer questions about the stabbing.

Superintendent Mark Lawrence said the arrest of 39 was “appropriate” because of the need to obtain “essential evidence”.

Two knives were found close to the scene. Police said the victim is in critical but stable condition.