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Local team shines at Shell Eco-Marathon tournament

The Belia Tabah Team from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) yesterday returned to the Sultanate to a heroic welcome after achieving remarkable milestones at the recent Shell Eco-Marathon in Lombok, Indonesia, by setting a new national record for the most efficient prototype electric vehicle with Mekar and winning the carbon footprint reduction award.

UBD Vice-Chancellor Dr Hazri bin Haji Kifle, assistant vice-chancellors, as well as officials and family members of the team members welcomed the Belia Tabah team at Brunei International Airport.

The team, led by Mohammad Hifdzur Azmi bin Haji Mohd Zain, overcame significant challenges, including a major rebuild of the car components on-site, reducing their race attempts from six to only four.

In an interview, Mohammad Hifdzur Azmi said, “We faced various challenges to try to chase after the record. This year’s technical inspection was very strict before the race, and thanks to our team’s dedication by working hard day and night to come up with solutions, Alhamdulillah, we were able to overcome many obstacles.”

He added, “Our intention to compete is always for Brunei, for UBD as well as our families in Brunei, and for Allah the Almighty. Breaking the national record and winning the carbon footprint reduction award is the first for Brunei. Unexpectedly, we were able to break the national record. I told my team that we could do this on the last ride. Alhamdulillah, my team was really motivated and prepared for the last attempt. When the record was out and we managed to break the national record, we were shedding tears of joy. It was also the first time that Brunei has won such an award at the Shell Eco-Marathon,” he added.

Despite the hurdles, driver Fatin Amanina binti Haji Abdul Azis delivered an outstanding performance in the final moments of the competition.

She said, “Mekar, represents the Bloom of Success, was the name of our vehicle that we brought to compete. This is where we are now, holding the national record and winning the carbon footprint reduction award. There were many challenges we faced in terms of mechanical and electrical issues. Therefore, we had to be resilient, which is why we are called Belia Tabah. I am very proud of the team.”

She also said, “We hope to come back again next year to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon.” – James Kon

ABOVE & BELOW: Universiti Brunei Darussalam Vice-Chancellor Dr Hazri bin Haji Kifle in a group photo with the Belia Tabah Team; and Fatin Amanina binti Haji Abdul Azis in a group photo. PHOTO: JAMES KON
Mohammad Hifdzur Azmi bin Haji Mohd Zain. – PHOTO: JAMES KON