Local senior artists show their colours

|     Aziz Idris     |

TWENTY-SIX retro paintings from three local senior artists dating back to mid-70s era are on display at the Creative Space Art Gallery & Studio in Sengkurong for the Pause & Rewind III exhibition.

The exhibit officially opened to the public yesterday, will continue for three weeks until March 3, from Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am to 4pm, and Fridays 2.30pm to 7pm.

The three featured artists Dato Shofry, Pengiran Wahab and Haji Malek Metarsat were present at the opening reception.

The retro themed exhibition aims to record, conserve and preserve Brunei’s Art-Culture heritage and ensure these artworks are available for the public especially in school education.

Pause & Rewind III also offers an experience for students, teachers, researchers, collectors and art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in Brunei’s fine arts, culture and history.

Dato Shofry, Pengiran Wahab and Haji Malek Metarsat in a group photo with family and friends at the opening reception of Pause & Rewind III. – AZIZ IDRIS

Guided tours are provided for those who are new or keen on learning and experiencing more about art.

Selected artworks on display and the gallery’s merchandises will be available for purchase.

It is hoped that the three-week exhibition provides resources to garner better education and appreciation for art, art management and ultimately aim to pause for reflection, remembrance and respect for the local cultural heritage.

As a spin-off event, Creative Space Art Gallery & Studio will host its first ever panel discussion titled Pause and Connect on February 17 at Cultivate Bistro to engage artists of two different generations; seniors and emerging artists.

The panel will consist three local artists as speakers; Pengiran Abdul Wahab, Liyana Hanif and Lisa Ahmad with Dr Malai Yunus as the moderator of the discussion.

The discussion will touch on National Identity in Art and Art in Digital Era, allowing the artists to share their thoughts and concerns in the contemporary art scene.

Pause and Connect hopes to educate the public about art while building relationships and engaging with the art community. It also aims to bind together the gap between emerging artists and senior artists.