Local schools should be encouraged to breed quality, educated students

I WOULD like to congratulate Jerudong International School (JIS) for achieving the prestigious Golden British Schools Overseas PENTA International Award.

Acquiring the ‘Outstanding’ ranking on every single British School Overseas inspection framework, JIS has successfully managed to be one of the first British International Schools in Southeast Asia to receive such an award.

Alongside JIS Principal Barnaby Sandow, I could not contain my delight upon hearing the news as I have always believed in the highest quality of education and proper management of schools that should lead and bring forth the next generations with knowledge and wisdom for the coming era.

I suggest the Ministry of Education to follow suit, as to be motivated and be inspired by this achievement as it is a fact that there is a growing problem blooming within local schools in particular government schools; where there is a lack of discipline and professionalism from students and teachers alike and questionable quality of education.

– Awangku A