Local rescued from hiking accident

James Kon

A man who sustained head injuries while on a hike on a hill in Mukim Lumapas was rescued by firefighters and members of the Bukit Saeh committee yesterday morning.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), four firefighters led by Yusof bin Haji Ahmad from the Sungai Kebun Fire Station responded to a call for assistance to help transport an injured man found in Bukit Saeh. The firefighters were led to Checkpoint 2 on Bukit Saeh by committee members where they found a still-conscious man who had sustained injuries to the back of his head.

The rescue team transported the man down the hill using a bucket stretcher to an ambulance.

The FRD would like to remind the public to take safety into account before going on hikes.

Hikers are advised to bring a whistle, mobile phone, water and a flashlight and to check the weather forecast before setting out. It is also recommended not to go alone or while feeling ill.

Photo shows the injured man. PHOTO: FRD