Local man fined for property misappropriation

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court yesterday ordered a local man to settle a BND2,500 fine or serve three months’ jail in default of payment on conviction after the trial of a charge of dishonest misappropriation of property.

Magistrate Hajah Ervy Sufitriana binti Haji Abdul Rahman found Haji Farezal bin Haji Md Yusop’s defence a lie despite his claim of innocence to the charge.

According to the court’s findings, based on DPP Syafina Abdul Hadzid’s evidence, the victim left her mobile phone at Teratak Ayahanda, a shop selling prepared food in RPN Kampong Panaga on March 12, 2020.

When she and her boyfriend returned to the shop to look for the phone, the defendant (the owner of the shop) said he had not seen any phone. When the victim and her boyfriend asked the defendant again, he stood by his initial answer.

The defendant also failed to offer help to look for the phone. However, after the victim used an app to locate her phone, she found that her phone was in the vicinity of the defendant’s shop. She rang the phone using the app, and found the ringing emitting from the defendant’s area.

However, the defendant did not return the victim’s phone immediately, and instead pretended that the ringing came from his phone as he took out his own phone.

The defendant returned the victim’s phone after he was asked to check his other pocket.