Local golfers welcome return to courses

Lyna Mohamad

Golf enthusiasts in Brunei Darussalam welcomed the return of their favourite sport as the phase 2 de-escalation plan was announced recently.

Golf courses have been closed for a few months due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but the closure was recently lifted as part of the de-escalation plan.

“It has been quite a while. I used to play golf on weekends after work. When COVID-19 hit and outdoor physical activities were not allowed, I was very disappointed as I view it as a stress reliever that helps me to freshen up for the next new week,” said a local golfer.

While it was good news for golfers, some said that certain restrictions are still affecting the convenience of playing golf.

Some golfers expressed inconvenience due to some golf clubs not having sufficient buggies for members, resulting in prolonged wait for the next available slot.

The limited number of players allowed is also one of the major problems faced by golfers who are used to playing the leisure sport in groups.

Nonetheless, they fully understand the guidelines and safety measures implemented by the government, and hope that restrictions will be further eased soon.