Local golfer hits hole-in-one on par-4

Fadhil Yunus

Brunei Darussalam national golf coach Pengiran Wirahadikusuma bin Pengiran Salleh produced a moment of brilliance to execute one of the toughest attempts at a hole-in-one at the Panaga Golf Club in Belait District recently.

The local golfer was playing a round of golf when he accomplished the extraordinary feat on the par-4 Hole 5, which covers a distance of 272 yards from tee to green.

Pengiran Wirahadikusuma told the Sunday Bulletin, “I did not expect that I would get a hole-in-one. I committed to play a left to right fade and was hoping the ball would land over the drainage guarding the green.”

He added, “Next thing I know the ball disappeared, I was not sure if it was in the hole as the cup was positioned below the ridge and it was not a clear sight from the tee box.”

According to an article on PGA.com, the odds of making a hole-in-one on a par-4 is an estimated six million-to-one.

Pengiran Wirahadikusuma bin Pengiran Salleh with golfing mates. PHOTO: ZUL ROSLI

“Ironically, I took out a hybrid at first but after seeing (fellow golfer) Zul driving the green I decided to give it a go as well.

“This is the biggest achievement for me. Who would have thought I’d make a hole-in-one on a par-4.”

Pengiran Wirahadikusuma’s flight mate Zul Rosli confirmed his hole-in-one achievement.

“I’ve played with Wira for over 20 years – he has done some incredible stuff out there but this shot by far is the greatest shot I’ve ever seen him hit,” Zul said.

“Considering that the pin was tucked in front, bunkers guarding the green on the left and right side and a drain that runs across the front of the green – all elements of the golf shot in terms of contact, direction, trajectory and spin control had to be perfect.

“I am so grateful that I was there to witness this feat. I can’t believe that we caught it on camera too. It’s moments like this that we live for,” he added.