Local gets jail, caning for theft from mosque

Fadley Faisal

A local man who pleaded guilty to three charges of theft from a place of worship received a two-year jail sentence and two strokes of the cane from the Intermediate Court on Saturday.

Judge Pengiran Hajah Norismayanti binti Pengiran Haji Ismail on handing the sentence to Azamani bin Haji Md Yusof, gave consideration to the defendant’s mitigations pleading for a lenient one and for them to run concurrently.

However, the judge also found that the defendant showed no remorse, noted the seriousness of the offences as well as observing the totality principles in sentence before arriving at a conclusion.

DPP Aeny Zullizam’s facts of the case states that the defendant was caught on CCTV camera, which aided in police investigations after officials filed reports.

The defendant stole BND2 from a donation box sometime at dawn on November 9, making away with BND10 at 7am on November 14 and another BND7 at 11pm on November 15, all from Kampong Masin Mosque.

He used cutting pliers to pry open the donation box.