Local film in the limelight

Daniel Lim

The premiere of local film Worm and the Widow portraying people with different abilities (OKUs) and single mothers caught the attention of the Montgomery International Film Festival (MIFF).

The movie’s filmmaker and producer Abdul Zainidi was taken aback by the response. He recalled how he was invited to a panel conducted through a zoom conference meeting comprising movie directors and producers for a talk titled ‘Moving Forward during COVID in film’ on December 20.

The film had already premiered in cinemas across the country which was met with a positive reception. The Film Excellence Award; was handed to Abdul Zainidi during a zoom meeting by film producer Marc Buschet, overseen by MIFF Chief Executive Officer Tony Jia. “I hope this will help showcase the potential of filmmakers in Brunei and highlight the potential of OKUs and single mothers.”

Filmmaker Abdul Zainidi during a Zoom call where he received the award from Marc Buschet overseen by Tony Jia. PHOTO: ABDUL ZAINIDI