Local establishments see influx of patrons

Azlan Othman

Roads leading to shopping complexes experienced heavy traffic as civil servants received the annual bonus on Monday.

Eateries and book stores are experiencing brisk business with the latter recording steady influx of parents looking for books and school supplies as students will resume school on January 4.

Bruneians are also crowding supermarkets for chicken and beef for barbecues and to usher in the new year. One shopper said he had to wake up early to queue up before the shop opened to buy chicken as it sold out in 10 minutes at a store in Sengkurong.

A survey by the Bulletin also recorded a long queue at Jerudong Park Playground yesterday.

As travel restrictions are still in place, the hospitality and hotel industry, restaurants and catering services are in high demand as the country’s population is on holiday.

Results of a survey by the Tourism Development Department of the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism revealed that hotels in the country, especially those providing attractive packages and facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, cinemas and in strategic locations have reached occupancy rate of over 90 per cent almost throughout
December 2020.

Long queue of cars heading towards Jerudong Park Playground. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN