Local drowns during hiking at Wasai Teraja

Daniel Lim

Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) personnel found the body of a 34-year-old local man who drowned in the Wasai Teraja area, following a search-and-rescue operation on Tuesday, the department stated in a release.

The personnel received an emergency call at 12.15pm regarding the incident. The man is believed to have been hiking at Wasai Teraja.

With help from the Diving Unit of the FRD and guides from the Teraja Longhouse, 22 firefighters were dispatched led by the Station Commander of Labi Fire Station Acting Station Officer Sarkawi bin Bakar.

Commanding Officer of Operation ‘B’ Branch of the FRD Senior Superintendent Noor Aflan bin Kachi, Acting Belait District Officer Mohd Yassin bin Ahmad and Chief of the Teraja Longhouse Gaung Jamit were also present.

A diver found the man at 5.15pm.

While the FRD was unable to confirm the victim’s condition as he was handed to the Emergency Medical Ambulance Services (EMAS) paramedic, sources noted that the victim had already passed away.

The FRD reminded the public to obtain the services of a local guide when venturing into the forest, and to avoid hiking during rainy weather. The FRD also advised against swimming alone, especially in turbulent areas.

The victim being transported from the scene of the incident. PHOTO: TERAJA LONGHOUSE COMMITTEE