Local cyclist sets sights on Asian meets

|    Fadhil Yunus    |

BRUNEI Darussalam national cyclist Md Nurjamri bin Johari has set his sights on making an appearance in the Asian Enduro Series and the Asia Cup after triumphing in the elite category of the Brunei Enduro Series finale last month.

The national cyclist accumulated 1,450 points and told the Bulletin that his main rival during the final race was the runner-up.

“I trained and prepared since early December for the final race and rehearsed the trail. It is a new trail,” he said recently.

Md Nurjamri said that the series consisted of three stages which started last year.

Asked what his thoughts were on the mountain biking scene, he said that there has been an increase in popularity in the sport.

“There are a lot of young riders participating in the country. The junior riders can succeed us in the future. I am so happy that mountainbike (MTB) in Brunei is on the rise,” added Md Nurjamri.

Md Nurjamri bin Johari poses with his prizes. – FADHIL YUNUS