Local celebrity tasked in WWF pangolin protection fight

James Kon

Local celebrity Wu Chun joined the movement to end violence against pangolins after he was appointed the ambassador for pangolin protection by World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The artiste said it is one of his dreams to work with WWF and use his influence, combined with the association’s advocacy, to spread awareness on conservation.

The WWF global campaign #SaveThePangolins underscores the urgency of the illegal wildlife trade crisis.

A report released by WWF noted an estimated one million pangolins were poached in just 10 years.

The number is likely significantly higher, with an estimated 195,000 pangolins trafficked in 2019 for the mammals’ scales alone making it more pangolins poached in the last decade than elephants, rhinos or tigers.

Earlier this year, the celebrity was appointed the ocean protection ambassador of Merlin Entertainments Group China, specifically to advocate for Beluga whales.

Apart from wildlife conservation, he is also Brunei’s goodwill ambassador and messenger for cancer awareness.

Promotional poster by WWF featuring Wu Chun. PHOTO: WWF