Local artists show their colours

|     Aziz Idris     |

THE local creative scene continues to grow with more talents recognised for showcasing their art work at exhibitions or display.

One such artist was Amylia binti Faizal, who was invited to showcase abstract art paintings among other locals at the Dermaga Diraja Art Gallery for the Emerge Exclusive: Retrospective which will be held until August 2.

She gained recognition as an artist after displaying her works with Creative Space Art Gallery at the Emerge: Warisan exhibition last December.

“When I found out about what the Creative Space was doing for younger local artists, it gave me the courage to come out publicly with my art,” said Amylia.

Prior to this, she was not confident to showcase the abstract work, fearing criticism. She hopes more local can come forward to display their artworks.

Amylia binti Faizal and local artists. – PHOTOS: AZIZ IDRIS
Work by a local artist

Creative Space is exhibiting over 30 works of art from 19 artists involved in their previous events.

The exhibition was to celebrate the Emerge series organised by the art studio after successfully hosting seven exhibitions over three years and reaching its first capstone of recording a total of 53 of the emerging contemporary Bruneian artists.

The exhibition aims to provide an insight into the development made with regard to contemporary artists producing works that are distinctly ‘Bruneian’ either on an aesthetic or conceptual level while still maintaining the ability to serve as a vehicle for a message that can transcend cultural boundaries and effectively communicate to a global audience.

Meanwhile, the ‘Moment’ exhibition is also held concurrently which displays a series of drawings produced by one of Brunei’s senior artists, Haji Osman bin Haji Mohammad.

The artist is showcasing drawing of moments and movements at the waterfront of Brunei river, full of spectacles, happenings, history, sight and sound of human endeavour.

“Art gave me the ability to capture ideas, moments, scenes and events. I was drawn to the power of art: Its aesthetic value, its visual power, its power to communicate and its capacity to solve problems,” he said.

Organisers hope that the exhibitions will help contribute to the flourishing ecosystem of the Brunei creative industries.

Both exhibitions are open to the public every day from 9am to 4pm. Gallery tours with artists can be arranged.