Local archery training resumes

Fadhil Yunus

Archery training has resumed in Brunei with health and safety protocols in place.

The sport initially returned during the earlier stages of the de-escalation plan but with limited capacity and attendance following months of widespread closure of sports facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sport welcomes the easing of measures starting today as indoor and outdoor sports facilities are allowed to operate at 90 per cent capacity with participants now able to play for an unlimited time.

Archers held their latest training session at a competitive level at an outdoor archery range yesterday with the country’s skilled bowmen fine-tuning their accuracy following a lengthy break.

Setia Bersatu Archery Club members said they conducted practice sessions with a 30-metre target base as a start to regain their shooting accuracy.

The outdoor archery range at the Peak Performance Sdn Bhd. PHOTO: FADHIL YUNUS

Competitive archers will slowly move to the standard 70-metre range once they have rediscovered their rhythm and sharpness.

The training session also accommodated a separate group of archers with a certain level of ability and skills who practised with a 10-metre target base.

A traditional target base was also set up close to a modern target base at an outdoor archery range.

According to a member from the Setia Bersatu Archery Club, no educational sessions are arranged and outdoor archery is preferred over indoor archery.

During the early stages of the de-escalation plan, the club has limited participants to only 15 people before increasing to 30 participants with further easing of restriction.

Training is only currently open to established archers who have already developed the fundamentals and are considered as competitive especially those who are able to perform both in the domestic and international level.

Earlier this year, an archery club planned to send local archers to join an international competition but their plans were cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, indoor sports facilities and golf courses have also shown heightened activity in sports activities as the country is entering the fourth phase of the de-escalation plan.