Litterbugs slapped with compound fines

James Kon

Eight individuals and four companies have been slapped with compound fines by personnel of the Law Enforcement Unit of the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department for violating the Minor Offences Act Section 12(1)(a) and (1)(b) Chapter 30 during routine operations on January 21 and 22.

Wong Chen Yap from Malaysia, Bruneian Mohd Syafiq bin Haji Musa and permanent resident Liew Woun Kai were each issued with a BND100 fine for disposing rubbish and cigarette butts in Kiulap on January 21.

Meanwhile, five individuals and four companies were caught disposing rubbish and cigarette butts during the Bersih Operation at Gadong area on January 22.

Fu Thian Kuang from Malaysia; permanent resident Mardi bin Tana; and Bruneians Muhammad Joraimie bin Jormasie, Mohd Ariff bin Ariffin and Muhammad Daniel bin Asli were slapped with a BND100 fine each.

Syarikat Dayabakti Boutique, Yang Seng Restaurant, ISS Facility Services Sdn Bhd and Westin received the BND200 compound fine each.

The offenders need to settle the compound fine within seven days at the third floor of the BSB Municipal Department.

An abandoned vehicle being towed. PHOTO: BSB MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENT

Failure to do so, the case will be brought to court and would result in a BND1,000 fine, or a month’s imprisonment, for the first convicted offence.

For subsequent offences, the penalty is a BND3,000 fine and a prison term of up to three months.

Members of the public and business premises are reminded not to dispose rubbish in public areas.

Meanwhile, 14 abandoned vehicles in Bandar Seri Begawan areas were towed away during a joint operation on January 18.

The operation was conducted by the Law Enforcement Unit of the BSB Municipal Department with the Land Transport Department and towing companies.

Vehicles abandoned in public areas are removed under Section 84, Chapter 68 of the Road Traffic Act.

Members of the public are urged not to abandon vehicles in public places.

Complaints on illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles can be made through Darussalam line at 123, or email [email protected], or via WhatsApp at 8333123.