Litterbugs in capital caught red-handed

Rokiah Mahmud

Thirteen individuals were fined BND100 each for littering by the Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) Municipal Department during an operation in the capital recently.

In a joint operation conducted by the Law Enforcement Section of the BSB Municipal Department and the Prevention Section of the Royal Custom and Excise Department, nine locals and four foreign nationals were issued with compound fines under Section 12(1)(a) the Minor Offences Act.

Locals fined were Muhammad Sabrin bin Sabli, Saiful Izwan bin Haji Mohammad, Norman bin Haji Nordin, Haji Mohammad Radziman bin Haji Abdul Rahman, Muhd Yadiy Mikail bin Kamis, Ak Abdul Ba’asit bin Pengiran Haji Yahya, Muhammad Nurrazi bin Ibrahim, Hishamuddin bin Haji Abu Bakar and Lee Wee Choon, while the four foreign nationals were Moh Nurul Huda, Fahmi Ahmad, Risyal Umam and Endang Kusomo. The 13 individuals were given seven days to pay at the Municipal Department. Failure to settle the fines will result in prosecution, which could result in a BND1000 penalty for the first offence and BND3000 or imprisonment of up to three months for subsequent offences.

Five locals and three foreign nationals were also placed under further investigation for illegal possession of vape and cigarette materials.

Members of the public are reminded against disposing rubbish or unwanted items in public places and violating any rules and regulations that have been stated in the country. For any complaints or to share information, contact Talian Darussalam 123 or email it to [email protected], website