Limited edition Bear Grylls Survival SEA Rule of 3 launched

To start of the year, Luminox is launching the brand new, limited edition Bear Grylls Survival SEA Rule of 3 (Reference number 3723.R3).

With only 333 pieces available worldwide, this timepiece incorporates all the design elements of the original SEA collection, albeit in a different theme and colour.

With Bear Grylls’ expertise in survival situations, he knows the exact priorities one needs to achieve to ensure survivability in extreme environments. Get those priorities wrong, and people will most likely not live to see the next day.

Luminox, which has always been the essential gear for people in any environment, is proud to introduce the Survival Rule of 3 with Bear Grylls. The Luminox 3723.R3 represents the very important ‘Survival Rule of 3’ that outdoor adventurers can adhere to.

These rules show the priorities one must secure to live through extreme conditions.

The rules are also printed on a removable sleeve and attached onto the strap as a reminder. Bear lives and operates by these priorities of survival and the rule of three is a clear guide for him during times of high stress.

The limited edition Bear Grylls Survival SEA Rule of 3. PHOTO: LUMINOX

Simple rules, simple things are the easiest to remember during those tough times.

The ‘Survival Rule of 3’ states that one can survive without air for three minutes, shelter for three hours, water for three days, and food for three weeks

The timepiece itself is tough enough to go anywhere as it is made from light yet durable CAarbonox™ with a uni-directional bezel and water resistant to 200 metres.

The watch is designed in striking blue and orange with an emphasis on ‘3’ with an enlarged numeral in Super-Luminova glow.

The watch also houses the signature Luminox Light Technology that makes it possible to see in low light conditions, never having to rely on any exterior light source.

Each timepiece is individually numbered, and a special certificate comes with the watch to confirm its limited edition status.