Lim Zhen Yang to represent Brunei

James Kon

Bruneigo recently held a qualifying match between the top two finalists of U-12 category to select a player for the CCTV World Youth Online Weiqi Tournament taking place virtually from October 31 to January 2021.

The matchup between Lim Zhen Yang, 11, and Cayenne Yeo Kai Yan, 11, saw Lim reaching the top to become Brunei Darussalam’s representative.

CCTV World Youth Online Weiqi Tournament is divided into two categories – Youth Group Team of 3 (age 13 – 20) and Children Group 1 Player (under age 12).

Lim will compete in the Children’s Group (age 12 and under). Bruneigo did not have enough players to participate in Youth Group that requires at least three players.

Lim Zhen Yang and Cayenne Yeo Kai Yan. PHOTO: BRUNEIGO